About Us


The Bauscher Real Estate team is comprised of real estate professionals who are passionate about the industry and the community they serve. After retiring from professional basketball, Matt founded Bauscher Real Estate in 2014, growing the business every single year. Bauscher Real Estate has proven to be the industry leader ranking #1 in the state of Idaho for the last few consecutive years with over $1 billion in sales and more than 2,000 homes sold since the company was established.

For us, passion and dedication are the standard. The team consists of individuals who are ALL IN and dedicated to winning inches daily, leading to miles of separation down the road. Each day brings a new beginning full of innovation and excellence where servicing the client is the top priority. We provide a top of the line experience with an in-house, full service staging company, 7-day client support, graphic designer, and marketing team

About Us


The Bauscher Real Estate team is located at 592 N Benjamin Ln, Boise, ID, 83704. We share the building with our amazing brokerage, Amherst Madison.

About Us


Amherst Madison is a locally founded and operated real estate brokerage. Their first office was in a hotel lobby that had great complimentary breakfast but no room for growth. They moved on to a handful of smaller offices before going all in on the construction of the Boise headquarters. There are also offices in Eagle and McCall.

The growth of the company has been record breaking, being awarded on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the nation for 4+ years. Nick Schlekeway founded Amherst Madison in 2013. In their first full year of business, the company sold $14 million in real estate. The last few years the company has far surpassed $1 billion a year in sales. The Amherst Madison family is comprised of professionals who demonstrate true integrity and dedication.

About Us


We have produced high quality videos to help clients and prospective clients to get to know about Matt Bauscher, learn some valuable tips, and showcase some amazing homes in the Treasure Valley.

Check out some of them below and be sure to subscribe to Bauscher Real Estate on YouTube so you never miss one!