Amherst Madison


Amherst Madison is a locally founded and operated real estate brokerage. Their first office was in a hotel lobby that had great complimentary breakfast but no room for growth. They moved on to a handful of smaller offices before going all in on the construction of the Boise headquarters. There are also offices in Eagle and McCall.

The growth of the company has been record breaking, being awarded on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in the nation for 4+ years. Nick Schlekeway founded Amherst Madison in 2013. In their first full year of business, the company sold $14 million in real estate. The last few years the company has far surpassed $1 billion a year in sales. The Amherst Madison family is comprised of professionals who demonstrate true integrity and dedication.

The brokerage got its start on the campus of Boise State University. Nick and Matt both attended the university and were integral players to championship teams. Nick was the team captain on the iconic 2007 Fiesta Bowl football team while Matt was the team captain on the 2008 conference championship basketball team.

Both Bronco teams often volunteered with the local children’s hospital. Nick was introduced to two children that would change his life, a boy and a girl both battling Leukemia. Nick became absorbed in their lives. They battled day in and day out never quitting their fight against cancer.

Their parents were resilient, remaining upbeat and positive during the most stressful time of their lives. After years of struggle, Nick was blessed enough to watch them beat the odds. It was truly a life-changing experience for him to watch innocent children grapple with something they did not understand and did not deserve.

It was known from the beginning that the company needed to stand for something beyond business profits. It had to have a mission and make an impact in the community. The name had to mean something and that’s when the children’s story came up. Amherst Madison got its name and humble beginnings from Amherst, the boy, and Madison, the girl, who fought so bravely and survived their battle with cancer.

Amherst and Madison both helped to inspire Nick and Matt’s lives and it is because of them that both owners have been, and are currently, serving on the Make a Wish Idaho Board to help local children who are battling their life threatening illnesses.